Sunday, March 17, 2019

Table of Ultimate Gaming

After much waiting and a bit of construction yesterday, I finally have my Table of Ultimate Gaming! I'm very pleased with it. It's very roomy and extremely sturdy. The electrical outlets and USB charging ports are a nice feature as well for longer gaming sessions.

I chose the 3.5 Elite model, without any of the branded decorations. It's nice that they've made theming the table an easy proposition, but I don't really need to advertise WH40K or Game of Thrones. The walnut finish on the Baltic Birch used in the table looks quite good in my game room.

The campaign opens as Ludwig's V Corps approaches the Bavarians at Landshut

As is fitting, the inaugural game is from OSG - The Seven Days of 1809. My plan for this year is to concentrate more on operational/campaign scale games. I have a shelf full of OSG games at this scale, with a new one having just arrived (Napoleon Retreats).

Poor Davout, 3rd Corps all alone in Regensburg!
I'm finding the operational art far more engaging - and complicated - than tactics these days. There are fewer games that capture this than there are "battle" games, and with good reason. It is more difficult, I think, to do an operational game well, and there can be, from the point of view of the gamer, less "action." Maneuver and the effects of maneuver interest me, however.

Now, I just wish I could find a way to make blogging quicker and easier...

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