Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Pike & Shot Campaigns: Nordlingen

Some scenes from a PBEM game of Pike & Shot Campaigns. The beginning of the Protestant advance on the Imperial left. I'm playing the Protestants.

Another view of the Protestant advance. Imperial cavalry is moving to hit my first echelon in the flank.

A massive cavalry brawl develops in between my first and second echelons. The Protestant horse is not doing well versus the Imperial kurassiers.

Meanwhile on my left, more Imperial horse launches an attack. These are generally hussars, arkebusiers, and just a few kurassiers. My cavalry, supported by some artillery, seem to be getting the better of this fight.

I continue to enjoy the miniatures-like game play of Pike & Shot Campaigns even if I'm not convinced that the modified Field of Glory Renaissance rules it uses are the best representation of combat in this period. If nothing else it lets me play with armies much larger than I'll probably ever paint myself!

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