Sunday, July 22, 2018

Campaigns on the Danube - 1809

Rain will slow down my offensive. The last thing the Austrians need is to be slower!

In honor of "Spring in Munich," our 1809 campaign Kriegsspiel getting underway today, I've been playing the same campaign in the nearest thing to a computerized Napoleonic operational Kriegsspiel currently available.

I've written about this game before. This time I'm playing as the Austrians. I'm also playing with the "reports only" option. The unit positions shown on screen are not the actual current positions of the units, but rather the positions as last reported to Charles and the Army GHQ. Reports take time to be carried by courier, and so the map is never up-to-date, but rather more and more out-of-date the farther from your HQ the reports are coming from.

The French are definitely being aggressive in this game. Both Davout and Lefebvre have advanced south of the Isar already. Pretty gutsy given that the rest of the French army won't be showing up for a few days yet!

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