Thursday, March 20, 2014

Steel Beasts Pro PE: Camp Hornfelt - Destroy an Inferior Force

I'm still learning how to be semi-effective with tanks in Steel Beasts Pro PE. Fortunately there are some great training missions out there, not the least of which are "Gary Owen's" Camp Hornfelt missions. Tonight I did a run through of mission 2, Destroy an Inferior Force.

I'm in command of  1st Platoon Alpha Company and have been tasked as the advanced guard and rapid reaction force for the company's move to BP JUNIOR along route JOHNBOY. There are a couple of scout sections forward of us observing the route and they will alert us if any enemy are observed.

The first part of the mission is a rather long drive from the LOD toward PL JIMBO. It's part of the exercise to help you learn the difference between march movement and tactical movement, but isn't terribly interesting to document!

As we advance along RTE JOHNBOY, one of the scout sections encounters enemy infantry and engages them. Alpha Company CO orders us to advance to and clear the area.

The scout tears up the enemy troops, but in turn is engaged and destroyed by a T-80.

My platoon is still in transit.  I'm watching the map and working out how best to eliminate the enemy vehicles, which appear to consist of a T-80 and a truck.

Once across PL JIMBO and in a hull down position where I can see the destroyed scout, I split my platoon into sections. I'm going to move the second section across the low ground to a position where they can get eyes on the last reported enemy position.

Being of the opinion that one should always use artillery if you have it, I'm going to cover the move of my tank section with a barrage. That should keep that T-80 from trying any flank shots if it happens to see my moving tanks.

Observing the barrage from my command tank. The enemy are behind that tongue of woods extending down from the left. Note the airbursts. This kills the T-80.

My second tank section on the move to their waypoint. Their route is masked from the enemy position by higher ground.

Pretty quickly the ICM barrage has eliminated the enemy vehicles. While not as dramatic and exciting as taking them out with direct fire, it's effective - and probably safer for my tank crews.

By the time my second sections arrives in their overwatch position it's all over. Definitely an inferior force!