Sunday, January 19, 2014

Conflict of Heroes

I'm finding that years of computer wargaming have left me with a bit of a bias. I tend to think that for a wargame to be "serious" it has to look like something from 20 years ago and have the user interface of a hand-dug well. Anything that looks good and is easy to understand and play must be "light" and I tend not to buy the game.

Like Unity of Command, Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear proves how wrong that assumption is.

Tutorial scenario: A long way to flank with not much time
I really did myself a disservice by waiting this log to grab this game.  I see all of the expansions in my future.

The game is easy to play and very attractive. Units can be displayed as 3D models, but I find I prefer the chits. They go better with the stylized terrain and complete the boardgame feel.

Despite being graphically attractive and having a very easy to use UI, this game is no lightweight. While somewhat abstracted, you'll need to use good tactics to win. I enjoy that it plays quickly. Some nights I don't have the energy to fire up something more complex but can still get some interesting East Front squad level gaming in with this game.

Once I get through a few games, I can even see myself playing this multiplayer, something very rare for me.


  1. I have this game Doug and it is well worth it. Challenging.

    1. Chris, after playing it a bit it's coming to feel a lot like Unity of Command to me: nicely produced and easy to play, but winning is more solving a puzzle than good tactics. It feels like there's a single approach to winning the designer wanted you to discover.

      Still fun, but...

  2. "is more solving a puzzle than good tactics" -

    Oh, interesting. That puzzle-style is exactly what i DON'T want (like Panzerfront, Unity of Command). Thanks for mentioning it and sparing me the money. Nobody else ever mentioned it, though, that's why i prefer reviews in blogs.

  3. Forgot here has well - that "soduku style" is why i quit playing Battle Academy 2 and the like. As you said - its rather a puzzle than coming up with good tactics or a sound strategy.

    If you are interested: Give "Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa" a try! Or have you already played it? Its my new favourite wargame in recent history.

    1. Hi Kim! Yes, DC:Barbarossa is an excellent game. I think it really shows how computer wargaming can add elements that would be difficult or impossible to do with boardgaming. While I appreciate how the computer can eliminate some of the more tedious aspects of wargaming, it's things like the RPG elements of DC:B that I think need to be explored a lot more in computer wargaming. I need to get around to doing a post on that...