Sunday, December 1, 2013

Delaying Action - An Iron Front Custom Mission

I spent most of the day messing around in the Iron Front scenario editor, learning to use it.  Here are some snaps from my first complete mission: Delaying Action.

During Spring 1944 a small Kampfgruppe must hold a small Ukrainian village long enough to allow the bulk of their parent battalion to retreat to a new defensive line.  I command the remnants of a platoon of Panthers, supported by a pair of infantry squads and a PaK 40.  We must keep the Soviets out of the village for 20 minutes.

The Soviet force consists of three platoons of T-34/76s and three infantry squads.  It is 0630, raining, and foggy.

My trusty Panther steed.  It is not a nice morning here in the Ukraine.

Two of the other tanks in my platoon, moving into line.

Through the commander's vision block, overlooking the road where we expect Soviet armor.

The village we have to hold.  It looks like some of the Soviet armor is moving to flank us.

T-34s on the horizon.

The T-34s disappear in clouds of smoke as our 75mm rounds punch through their side armor.

Burning T-34s.

One of my platoon-mates maneuvering to get a clear shot.

My platoon in line, turrets turning toward more Soviet armor.

More Soviet armor tries the hill route.

It doesn't fare any better against my Panthers.  I do lose a tank, however.

Shortly thereafter, tank 3 runs out of fuel.

The surviving crew of tank 4 running for cover.  The hilltop is filled with burning armor.

We hunt for enemy infantry that should have been with the tanks.

Tanks in the woods.  Never a good plan.

Three minutes short of the deadline, some Soviet infantry breaks through to the village.  I'm going to call this a draw.  My force is mostly still combat effective, and even though some Soviets made it to the village, all of their armor is gone and their infantry has taken a beating.

In my delight to charge around the map in a Panther and blow things up, I forgot/ignored everything I know about armored combat.  It was great fun and the scenario generally works, though I think it needs a few tweaks yet.  It should be a great tool to help me learn the editor as well as get more familiar with commanding units in Iron Front.