Friday, December 6, 2013

Iron Front - Delaying Action 2

I've learned a lot about the Arma 2/Iron Front mission editor in the past several days.  Mostly, I've learned that the process of creating a briefing is fraught with potential error, that it's very easy to get so caught up in adding another unit or trigger and get to the point where the entire scenario is unworkable, and, that if you want to do this the easy way, head over to Planned Assault and let their web robot just build the mission for you.  Now that I've built a mission by hand, I suspect I'll do it the easy way more often than not in the future.

Still, I've knocked out what I'd consider my first "real" mission.  This mission is probably a lot more realistic and somewhat more balanced than my first efforts - and include no Panther platoon.  Though it cost me much of my remaining hair, this mission has a briefing and appropriate mission tasks/objectives. Here is the briefing:
Last night's Soviet attack on the nearby farm drove us back to this village and left us with many wounded that need to be evacuated.  The Russians are now in possession of the farm, and are likely planning another attack to drive us out of the village.  Take your squad and move up to observe the farm.  If the Russians are forming for an attack, delay them long enough for us to evacuate the wounded to the rear.  Once the wounded are clear, withdraw to the village, board the waiting truck, and rejoin the remainder of the company.
 Some screenshots from a recent (failed) run through:

Initial squad position.

Dawn of a grey, wet day.  The location of the observation post we need to establish is down this road.

Advancing along the low ground as the rain starts.

Overlooking the OP location.  I'm ordering a section forward.

They're in place, time for the rest of us to bound past them.


A burst from my MP-40 brings the Russian down.  I order my second section to move toward the OP location.

Contact again, and we have a man down.

Looks like a Soviet squad, with an assault gun in support!

Crawling forward to get to my wounded.  One of them is the soldier with the Panzershrek, our only way to stop the assault gun.

The enemy fire is too intense and I take a round.  Wounded, my squad is now out of command and they fight to delay the Soviets until fire from the assault gun ends the game for me.

The mission definitely is winnable, I've done so but don't want to give away too much for anyone that wants to play it.  Note that when you board the truck it will begin driving out of the village on its own, ending the mission.

If you're interested, you can download the mission here.

Update: If you grabbed the scenario in the first 20 minutes or so I had it posted, I've uploaded a slightly updated version that uses markers on the map to make it a bit clearer on where the objectives are.  The mission also uses waypoints to show you your next destination.

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