Sunday, July 9, 2023

Arma 3: Spearhead 1944

Back in the day I played a lot of Iron Front, an Arma 2 derived game covering the later years of WW II. It was kind of janky at times, and received mixed reviews, but honestly, I loved it.  I made custom missions and generally had a lot of fun with it.

Then I fell out of love with WW II and modern wars and spent a few years focused on other eras. I upgraded gaming computers several times and Iron Front wasn't available where I originally bought it anymore. I stopped playing anything the even remotely looked like an FPS game.

Then this year, I visited Normandy. For me, all the old WW II love came back.  I installed the many, many WW II games I have. I started playing WW II board games I've had on the shelves for years now but not played. I am into it. And of course, I remembered Iron Front.  Which turns out to be available on Steam.  I haven't bought it yet, but it is in my Wishlist.

Now I may never buy it. Because soon this will be out: Arma 3: Spearhead 1944.  

The Arma 3 engine, set during Operation Cobra in Normandy? Yes, please. 

Sorry Iron Front. 

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