Sunday, November 11, 2018

Streaming Panzer Battles North Aftrica

Jim and I played the Mersa Brega scenario last night from upcoming John Tiller Software game Panzer Battles North African Campaign 1941 last night. Here's my recorded version of the live stream.

The Panzer Battles series of games is a grand tactical game system at the platoon level. Games in the series currently include Kursk and Normandy. If you played and enjoyed Panzer Blitz  and Panzer Leader back in the day, or are a fan of the older John Tiller's Campaign Series computer games, you'll thoroughly enjoy Panzer Battles.

The supporting documentation that comes with these games is worth the price alone. The game notes and other documents are lavishly illustrated with very complete orders of battle and interesting commentary.

Jim's side of the stream can be found here.

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