Sunday, August 14, 2016

Playing This Week: OSG's The Last Success: Eckmuhl

Looking north toward Eckmuhl
Usually, I don't manage to play too many boardgames during the week. However, I'm realizing that if I'm ever going to play most of the games I have I'm going to need to play more frequently! So, this week I'm going to get serious about tackling OSG's operational Napoleonic games, namely their game about the 1809 campaign: The Last Success.

Eckmuhl and vicinity
I'm specifically going to play the Eckmuhl scenario. I've tried (well, set up) the Abensberg scenario in the past, and it's pretty much a French walk-over. Eckmuhl might not be much better, but the Austrians have a fighting chance.

Lefebvre and Davout's troops facing Rosenberg
Eckmuhl also is smaller that the massive scenarios of Aspern-Essling and Wagram. I want to get some more playing time under my belt before I tackle either of those.

I quite like the OSG games in concept and scale. They are operational level games, which I prefer, and as I remember play fairly quickly when you have the rules down. I need a refresher, since it's been awhile since I touched one. I did notice when I was reading the rules over the other day that they made a lot more sense to me. The last time I tried to tackle one of these was shortly after I'd retired to board gaming after a hiatus of 30 years or so, and I was out of the habit of making sense of rules!

Similarly to what I did with Kolin from Prussia's Glory II I'll take some video and make a few text only posts as I play through.

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  1. Looking forward to the video play through and vassal!