Saturday, August 20, 2016

OSG's The Last Success: Eckmuhl - Opening Moves

Vandamme's Corps moving on Buchausen at 10AM
It turned out to be a busy week and so I wasn't able to actually start this game as I'd planned. I have managed to get started today, however. It's been slow going getting started as I finished setting everything up and the had to get reacquainted with the rules.

Towards Eckmuhl from behind Davout's and Lefebvre's corps
I'm not sure what is, but the rules for this series, while simple, are tough for me to get me head around. I take that back, I do know what it is: there have been a number of rules changes and updates, released as separate documents, which when combined with the numerous player aids and the large number of status markers, means that there just too much crap on the table. I like this system, and I want to love it...but until some of this becomes second nature to me it's kind of a pain.

I also wish that the game came with enough markers. I find that I never have nearly enough status and hidden unit markers. I think what I need to do is mix the status markers from multiple games into one collection and use the combined marker set with whatever game I'm playing,

Anyway, the game is going now, and I've made an initial video which I'll be posting soon.

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