Sunday, November 29, 2015

OSG Abensberg - April 20th, 1809

Having started this blog a few years ago on a Thanksgiving weekend, I really do have to make a traditional Thanksgiving weekend post.

Despite what I've written on the game map, this is actually the 1200 turn.

There's been a lot of gaming over the holiday weekend, both board and computer. This evening saw me giving OSG's Abensberg from The Last Success a try. Here's a few pictures of the 1200 turn. This is just two hours into the game, and really very little combat has happened yet.

Here Vandamme's VIII Corps of Wurtembergers and the 2nd Bavarian Division of VII Corps begin to push across the Abens. Elements of an Austrian V Corps division occupy the heights across the river.

The remainder of VII Corps (1st and 3rd Divisions) are in a road march to the north, moving into Offenstetten.

Meanwhile to the northeast, the lead brigades of Lanne's III Corp move to eject the Austrians from the village of Bachl. The village is defended by detached elements of Hohenzollern's III Corps: Thierry's brigade, M. Lichtenstein's brigade (-), Pfanzelter's Grenzers, and the Advance Guard horse artillery.

Abensberg is not a terrifically balanced battle. The Austrians are outnumbered, though this could change if some of the Austrian Alternate Reinforcements arrive. Early on, the Austrians need to try and delay the French advance long enough for Hiller's corps to arrive.

This is a great game system and the more I mess around with it, the more comfortable I am playing it. I can now get through a turn in a few minutes and feel comfortable that I'm doing it right.