Sunday, November 23, 2014

Not blogging, but still busy

I've fallen woefully behind in my blogging duties here, but haven't been completely absent from the wargaming interwebs:

Final positions at Vimeiro

Chris from The Sharp End Gaming and I continue to engage in PBEM dust-ups. Chris has a great write up of our recent altercation outside of the village of Vimeiro in 1808. This game is one of the scenarios included in the new title from John Tiller Software: Bonaparte's Peninsular War. Chris does a nice job describing the battle. I'm favorably impressed by the improved maps and graphics in the game. Starting with the new Panzer Battles series, through the WWI Campaigns series, and now with the new Napoleonic Campaigns series, JTS is doing great things.

Speaking of Napoleonic Campaigns, Jim Owczarski (my other frequent PBEM opponent) and I are engaged in a combat set during the 1813 Leipzig campaign, also courtesy of a JTS game, Campaign Leipzig. That combat is being documented in a series of two-sided AARs over at Grogheads. So far the setup and first five turns are documented. Jim and I finished up through turn 15 last night and I believe we've both documented through turn ten. Stay tuned to Grogheads for the unfolding  saga of the Action at Lowenberg!