Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unity of Command - Black Turn

I'm playing a little Unity of Command: Black Turn while waiting for Arma III to download.  I missed picking Arma III up during the last Steam sale, but I suspect it's about the only thing I'll buy this time around.

I did grab Black Turn pretty much as soon as it became available.  It's interesting to contrast it with the obviously more detailed (and time consuming) War in the East and Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue.

I have to admit I have mixed feeling about Unity of Command.  On the one hand, it's entertaining, plays fast, is challenging and requires some thought to play well.  On the other hand, scenarios feel more like puzzles than an operational simulation.  Too often, I feel like I'm looking for a specific solution to maximize VPs rather than applying sound operational/strategic principles to win.  I like the UI, but am really not wild about the little busts and tanks and step dots.

Still, for the price its a fun and challenging East Front game for those time when you don't have the time or mental bandwidth for something more complicated.


  1. Great post and I have similar thoughts about the game. It is a nice break however from some of the more conventional war games that are out there.