Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stalingrad! Stalingrad! Stalingrad!

Chris from Sharp End Gaming has graciously invited me, along with Tim Williams from RangerX3X to playtest an early version of his majestic Operation Hubertus scenario.  Tim already has an AAR up of his initial turns, playing as the Soviets.

I'm going to play the scenario as the Germans.  Right now I'm just familiarizing myself with the OOB for the German side and have yet to formulate any real plans.  Mostly I'm just taking in this phenomenal map and scenario.

Overview of the full map.

3rd Battalion 208th Infantry Regiment near the heavily defended approaches to the Lazur Chemical Plant.  Not where I'll be kicking off my attack.

A view of the center of the city.

The depleted 544th Infantry Regiment on the northern flank of the city, near the tractor factory.

 The armored fist of KG Seydel, waiting to support the Pioneer's attack.

Initial objectives, the Red October and Barrikady factories.

There are a lot of units on the map, but I don't think its going to be necessary (or even wise) to get them all moving into the attack at once.  I'm going to mull over my plan a bit.  Stay tuned...

Also note that Tim has undertaken a massive venture of his own, modding Command Ops for Pacific Theater operations. Between these two guys Command Ops players are going to have new scenarios and be able to play in theaters like never before.