Sunday, April 28, 2013

Os Sayqal - Assault: Mission Planning

This is a mission in the CMSF British Campaign.  After a nighttime close reconnaissance of the Os Sayqal Airbase by 4 SCOTS (a mission I absolutely hated, felt was very "gamey," and ended up doing three times because the scenario briefing was totally unclear), the Royal Anglian Regiment is to conduct a pre-dawn surprise assault.

Time lines are tight in this mission.  I have 35 minutes to capture all of the objectives.  Having a good plan and executing it well will be key.  Based on my prior recon of the area, I've decided to use FRV #2 to concentrate my forces and will launch the assault from there.
After studying my forces and the map, my tactical plan is as follows:
B Company Royal Anglian
  1. 6 platoon will assault the airfield HQ and continue to the radar. 4 Scots C Company will support the attack on the radar.
  2. 4 platoon will assault and occupy the Control Tower. 4 Scots C Company will support this assault by breaching the control tower wall
A Company Royal Anglian
  1. 1 platoon will assault and occupy the western AA battery location
  2. 2 platoon will assault and  occupy the eastern AA battery location
  3. Fire Support section to provide support fires to platoon movement to contact and assaults
C Company 4 Scots
Support B Company objective assaults. Provide anti-armor fires on call from 4 detachment
  1. Suppressing missions along route of advance of B Company
  2. Destroy bunkers along A company route of advance
  3. Destroy bunkers along route of advance to radars
  4. On call anti-armor
OPFOR consists of an airfield defense battalion, several HMG bunkers, and approximately six BTR-60 APCs.