Sunday, February 24, 2013

Troubridge Takes on The Goeben

One of the most speculated on hypothetical naval engagements of WWI involves the squadron of armored cruisers under Vice Admiral Troubridge attempting to stop the German battle cruiser Goeben as it breaks for the Aegean at the beginning of the war.  In reality Troubridge stopped the pursuit before engaging, convinced that he was outgunned by the Goeben.  For that he was tried (and exonerated) for cowardice.
Both Steam and Iron and Jutland have Goeben scenarios available for them (the scenarios for Jutland are user-created, since the game itself doesn't cover the Med).  JC over at Real and Simulated Wars covered the Steam and Iron scenario last year, which I've also played.
Below are a few screenshots from a recent attempt at the Jutland version.  Unfortunately I had to terminate the scenario early, so I won't be doing a complete AAR at this point.  Suffice to say that Admiral Troubridge's concerns turned out in this case to be well-founded.

The Jutland scenario is different from the SAI scenario, in that in SAI, the three destroyers Troubridge had with him are available.  Here, the RN has only the CAs.

I've played a number of the smaller scenarios now in both SAI and Jutland.  Next week, I plan on taking on something at least the size of Dogger Bank.