Sunday, December 9, 2012


I own a couple of John Tiller's games, but for some reason the game system never really worked for me.  For whatever reason I just haven't found his games fun since playing hundreds of hours of the old Talonsoft Civil War series titles years ago.
I'm obviously on an Ostfront kick, however, and there are tons of Tiller titles that address nearly every major operation during the German-Soviet war.  I'd downloaded the free Mius '43 game a few months back.  I upacked it yesterday, applied the fabulous MapMod to make it look presentable, and suddenly the system just clicked for me.  What hadn't made sense to me before was suddenly a lot of fun and very understandable.  I think the scale and scope of the Panzer Campaign series is just what I've been looking for.  I bought and downloaded Kharkov '43 (which goes nicely with Achtung Panzer Operation Star, since they cover the same area and time period).  I've spent most of my gaming time this weekend happily commanding brigade and division sized combats.
Right now I'm playing through Krasnoarmeyskoye, an attack by SS PzG Division Wiking and 333 Infantrie Division on a pair of Soviet held towns.

My intent is to use Grenadier Regiments 680 and 681 of the 333rd to take Grishino, flanking the main Soviet position in Krasnoarmeyskoye from the west.  Simultaneously I plan to move SS Pz.G Regiment Norland around the right flank of the Soviet position, and attack their rear from the northeast.  My other two PzG regiments will move to fix the Soviet positions in the town.  If I can drive a wedge between the two Soviet forces in Grishino and Krasnoarmeyskoye and gain a foothold in the town, so much the better.

So far the plan sems to be working.  I've pushed some Soviet units out of their positions in the northeast, gained a decent foothold in Grishino and am in position to take the center of the town in a turn.  Meanwhile, PzG Regiment Germania has captured the western end of Krasnoarmeyskoye. I've moved the remaining regiment, Westland, up to try and cut off the defenders of the eastern part of the town from the center of town.