Sunday, August 11, 2019

Horse & Musket - Sedgemoor

Turn 1: Royalist infantry attempt to force their way across the Bussex Rhine to come to grips with Monmouth's rebels

I spent a good part of the day today working on Horse & Matchlock, "Volume 0" for the Horse & Musket series from Hollandspiele.

Then I ended up buying a book on the Battle of Sedgemoor, fought in 1685. Sedgemoor was the last battle on English soil where Englishmen fought Englishmen. It was also Marlborough's first field-grade command.

So, of course, I'm back in Horse & Musket, playing the battle. Sedgemoor is included in the base game Dawn of an Era. I really, really enjoy this game system, and not because I'm the developer. Rather, I got involved with the game because I enjoy it so much.

If you enjoy this period you really should look into this series. The base game is about the complexity of Command & Colors, and so is easy to pick up. The optional rules add enough chrome to really get the feel of the era. The flexibility of the system and scenario design process lets you come up with any battle you'd like to play pretty easily.

Sean Chick says he wanted to come up with "Squad Leader for the Age of Muskets." Taking that to mean he wanted to design a system that would let players easily portray any imaginable conflict from this period, I'd say he did a pretty damn good job.


  1. Excellent! 'Horse & Matchlock' is a great way to summarise the period. 1670-1695 always a favourite of mine

    1. The base game, Dawn of an Era covers the Nine Years War, War of the Three Kings, Great Northern War and War of Spanish Succession, i.e. our favorite period. It also covers some of the HRE-Ottoman conflicts, some Arab-Persian stuff, and some of the early North American battles.

      Horse & Matchlock will cover the Thirty Years War, Franco-Dutch War, Scanian War, and English Civil War.

      This system makes for pretty good miniatures rules, btw.