Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Horse & Musket: A Foolhardy Royalist Advance?

The Royalists have accounted for two dragoons and a militia battalion, but two of their own units are close to breaking.

The attempted push across the Bussex Rhine by the Royalist infantry in line in the face of rebel fire may prove their undoing. I'm playing using all of the recommended optional rules. One of which (Line Formation and Terrain) calls for any unit in line that moves on to a terrain tile to take a morale check. If the unit fails the check in takes a moral hit.

The Royalist infantry have not fared well from these morale checks - which makes good sense, since they trying to cross a deep, water-filled ditch in the dark under fire. Add in a couple of lucky rebel hits in fire combat and the Royalists have two infantry units on the verge of breaking. Should both units break that will give Monmouth the three VPs he needs for a victory (one for the Line Infantry and two for the Elite Infantry).

Fortunately for the Royalists, the Elite Infantry, if reduced to zero MP rolls a 1d6, and on a roll of one or two stays in place at 1MP. As British, the Line Infantry is tenacious and can perform the same feat on a roll of one. Slim hope and not a great chance, but better than what the rebel militia has.

Meanwhile, Marlborough is leading the Royalist left across the crossing points over the Bussex Rhine to develop an attack against Monmouth's right. Feversham should have held the Royalist right in place until Marlborough's attack was in progress before attempting to cross the rhine. This is what the Royalists did historically, routing the rebel army in about five hours of night combat.

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