Sunday, July 14, 2019

More Aspern-Essling - Blucher

Jim and I continue with Day 2 of the Battle of Aspern-Essling, using Sam Mustafa's Blücher.


  1. Again, an excellent set of rules, and looks like excellent game-play.
    If everyone starts using these virtual tabletops, I'll never have to paint another miniature! (I'm still debating whether I will miss it or not...)

    1. It is a good rules set, I'm quite enjoying it. I'm looking forward to trying it on something with a bit more maneuver.

      I really like TTS, it's made it possible for us to play games we otherwise probably wouldn't. It's a great means of dealing with geography (Jim and I live about five hours drive apart). Neither one of us is good at managing to paint entire armies, either.

      But...I look at the ACW game you just blogged and I admit I would enjoy the sight and feel of actual minis on a table. I suspect I'll end up breaking down and paying someone to paint for me at some point, just so I can play with real lead.