Thursday, November 22, 2018

By Shot, Shock & Faith

Montpensier's column opens the battle with an attack on Aubervilliers using argoulets and cannon.

I'm learning the rules for By Shot, Shock and Faith; a game by Hexasim about five battles during the French wars of religion. This scenario, St. Denis, appears a bit one-sided, but may not be quite the walk-over for the Catholics it seems.

I'm only in the first phase of the first turn, but there's a lot I like about this game. The rules are simple (16 pages including optional rules) but capture the flavor of pike and shot warfare very well, it seems. There's a good bit of historical detail in the combat system.

I'm in a pike and shot mood. Expect to see more of this game and other like it posted about here, and quite likely some video/streaming.

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