Friday, November 24, 2017

St. Quentin 1557 - JTS Renaissance

Montmorency's French relief army moving to force the passage into the city while English and Imperial forces begin to move toward the French flanks

I've been reading Sir John Fortescue's A History of the British Army - Volume I (1066-1713). The section on the evolution of Renaissance armies after the introduction of gunpowder I found particularly fascinating.

French infantry prepare to assault the mill and bridge
Obviously, the only thing to do was to play a game of Musket & Pike: Renaissance from John Tiller Software. Fortescue mentions St. Quentin in his book as an early example of the employment of Reiters, or pistol-equipped German heavy cavalry. The relief effort was, in reality, a costly failure for the French. I'm attempting to do better.

I would note that the JTS AI seems to perform better when using Manual Defensive Fire and phased play. I play all JTS games that way now, solo or PBEM.