Sunday, September 17, 2017

Presents from Germany

Blucher looks down on all who enter the War Room. He's actually a fridge magnet and bottle opener, but I like him here.

My grogbrother Jim, his wife Michelle and son Edward recently returned from two weeks in Germany where they did their level best to visit as many Napoleonic battlefields as they could, but most especially Jena. They made my Friday this week by sending along appropriately themed goodies from their trip!

I was particularly delighted that their CARE package contained a pair of documents from their visit to Lützen. Jim and I share an appreciation for Gustav Adolf. These now hang in pride of place in the War Room.

"Sketch of the battle at Lützen." Each formation is numbered and identified on the reverse. Hung in a floating frame so both sides can be viewed.

"The funeral procession with the corpse of King Gustav Adolf leaving Weißenfels." Absolutely lovely painting of the funeral procession showing troops in period armor and the schloss in the background.

Thanks very much Jim, Michelle and Edward for thinking of me on your trip and sending these. I will think of you whenever I see them, which will be often!

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