Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gaming Sunday with Pub Battles Brandywine

For someone that doesn't get out much, I certainly had a busy gaming Sunday.
Not only did I get in a Vassal game of Hold the Line: Frederick's War with Bob Ellis, but I met up with new gaming colleague Jacob Williams. I introduced him to Pub Battles Brandywine by Command Post Games.

We only had time for a quick game, since I also had to attend a concert my son's girlfriend was playing in that afternoon (told you it was busy!) but I think a good time was had by all. I'm looking forward to getting together with Jacob again soon to game some more.

As for the game itself, I'm really finding that I enjoy the Pub Battles system. It presents and plays really well. I had fewer issues getting my head around the rules this time. Movement across multiple terrain types still feels a bit confusing to me. Overall though it was a pretty smooth playthrough with a lot of action.

A couple things I still need to work on:

  • As always, artillery. I was able to use it in a supporting role more effectively this time, and it was pretty deadly. Jacob made some good use of his for bombardment. I'd like to get more experience using it both ways.
  • Column movement - so far, I haven't found much reason to use it in the game. 
  • Using commanders to delay/preempt - I made some use of this in a prior game, but neither Jacob nor I really used it this playthrough. I think it could be useful, if I remember to use it.
There's definitely a nice Kriegsspiel feel to the game. I'm looking forward to the forthcoming Antietam/Sharpsburg as well as hoping to see a Marengo game, and possibly even Leuthen!