Saturday, January 14, 2017

Recent Kickstarters I've Backed

Pub Battles: Antietam (Limited "Sharpsburg" Edition)

While I may have some quibbles with the ambiguity of the rules for these games, there's just no denying that the Pub Battles games are fun, fast playing, Kriegspiel-like, and just plain gorgeous. When I saw that there was a limited edition version of their upcoming Antietam game on Kickstarter, there was just no way I could keep myself from backing it.

If you weren't keen on Brandywine because of the period, but are more of an ACW fan, you could do worse than back this. The KS has already reached the funding goal with 28 days left, so this one is definitely going to happen.

Napoleon 1806

Like I was going to skip a game on the 1806 campaign! This one, by a French company called Shakos is not quite halfway funded with 27 days left to go. I suspect it will make it, and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Based on the descriptions and video, I think they're doing some interesting things in a simple to moderate complexity game. I find myself drawn more and more to games of that level because they're easier to find people to play against. I love my OSG Napoleonics, but let's face it, trying to get someone unfamiliar with wargaming as well as the period to play something like that is impossible.

The 1806 campaign versus Prussia is interesting, representing the Grand Armee probably at it's height, versus a Prussian army full of confidence, but mired in the doctrines of linear warfare. I'm hopeful that Napoleon 1806 provides an interesting take on the campaign at a level that I can play with family and friends that aren't grognards.