Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Famous Victory - Blenheim: French Setup

The Great Leaders series from now defunct gaming publisher Moments in History is a series of two games covering Marlborough's four great victories during the War of Spanish Succession, Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde and Malplaquet. I'm about to start a the Blenheim scenario. In this scenario the Franco-Bavarian army sets up first. The above is an overview of the Franco-bavarian position. I've gone with a more-or-less historical setup, both because I prefer historical setups and to test out the game mechanics with a known deployment.

French battalions and guns packed into Blenheim, with more French infantry in support. The river to the right is the Danube. There is a lot of marshy ground on the map, impeding the Anglo-Allied advance and making cavalry action a challenge.

More French (actually mostly Irish) in Oberglau. I later swapped leaders here, putting Merode in charge of a cavalry wing as he historically was.

The Bavarian left under the Elector Max of Bavaria. These troops will face Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Franco-Bavarian deployment between Oberglau and Lutzingen.

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