Monday, September 5, 2016

OSG's The Last Success: Eckmuhl - 3:00 to 4:00 PM

Dig the fancy new counter sleds!
I didn't have time for a ton of gaming this week aside from my ongoing PBEM games, but I think I've made up for that this weekend. While mostly I've been playing PBEM turns and a solo campaign of AGEOD's Thirty Years War I did manage to get some time for board gaming as well.

For a change of pace, here we are looking at things from the Austrian side of the map. The line of yellow bordered counters you can see to the right center are Rosenberg's corps, occupying the Vorberg above Eckmuhl and the Laichlings. The blue stack just their left are Vandamme's troops in Eckmuhl itself. During the fighting at 3PM Vandamme's troops manage to destroy Bieber's brigade of the III Corps, that had attacked them in the town.

3:00 PM Davout repulses attack by III Corps at Luckenpoint.

3:00 PM Kolowrat activates and Austrian II Corps forces the first bridge at Abach.

4:00 PM Allied army concentrates toward Eckmuhl.

4:00 PM Lefebvre, Vandamme, and Lannes moving to fix and flank Rosenberg while Napoleon commands from Lindach.

4:00 PM Austrian I Reserve Corps doesn't have enough strength to force the bridges at Dinzling. Charles dispatches two brigades from the reserve to support the attack. Meanwhile, Hohenzollern elects not to attack Davout in Luckenpoint but rather to move around his flank toward Ober Sandling.

4:00 PM Kolowrat (II Corps) and Rosenberg fail to activate and are stalled. Guyon reinforces the Allied position in Abach.

The way things are shaping up, the next turn should see a lot of combat as the Allies hit Rosenberg all along his line. There are only four more turns in the game, so both sides need to get moving if they hope to achieve much!