Sunday, August 28, 2016

OSG's The Last Success: Eckmuhl - 2:00 to 3:00 PM

As the afternoon progresses, things are definitely heating up, despite the pouring rain.

2:00 PM - Vandamme attacks at Unter Deggenbach, routing M. Lichtenstein's Grenzers and lt. cavalry. Clement's HC attacks south of Lindach, pushing back Pfanzelter's piquets.  Lannes advances to vicinity of Lindach.

2:00 PM - Davout's III Corps takes up positions in Dinzling and Luckenpoint to try and hold French left.

Hohenzollern's III Corps pushes back Davout at Luckenpoint (Shock combat, +2 DRM), but Grandeau's brigade throws back an initial cavalry attack against Dinzling.

3:00 PM - Fair weather. Vandamme attacks Eckmuhl and pushes Bieber's brigade out of the chateau. Lannes moves to support Vandamme. Allied cavalry move to form up on the water meadows.

3:00 PM Allied reinforcements in road march to assist Davout and shore up the left.

3:00 PM - Davout holds in Dinzling and Lunckenpoint.