Sunday, July 31, 2016

Battle of Kolin: Prussia's Glory II - Cavalry Fight

At around 2PM, Zeiten's hussars swing into action, striking the right of Nadasdy's hussars northwest of Kutlirz. The charge is successful, eliminating and driving off much of the Austrian light horse. Zieten presses his advantage into a sweeping charge. Meanwhile, the Prussian second line cavalry wing under Krosigk along with a brigade of dragoons from Hulsen's wing smash into the left side of Nadasdy's formation.

Despite heavy losses the Austrian cavalry is not done. After stopping both Zieten's and Krosigk's  charges cold, Nadasdy situation is retrieved by the timely arrival of Saxon dragoons and a brigade of cuirassiers.

The fighting flows back and forth. More Austrian hussars are driven off in a rout, but Zieten's hussars pull back too, not eager to go toe-to-toe with the heavier Coalition cavalry. Krosigk attempts to rally his men before rejoining the fray. Unfortunately this leaves just two battered brigade of Zietens hussars to face a mass of Coalition cavalry.

A lull descends over the field at the clock strikes 5PM. The two Prussian hussar units have been destroyed, but fortunately Zieten was able to escape.  The Coalition cavalry are victorious, but disordered. The Prussians gather themselves for another charge,,,