Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dawn's Early Light - Day One

No time to get to this during the week, but I did finish the remainder of Day One of the game this evening.

Early in the day, while their comrades of the 2nd Brigade I. Panzer hold the line around Eben, the panzergrenadiers of 1st Brigade are surprised by a morning airdrop by 2nd Guards Airborne Regiment around Stahlhammer AFB

Hard fighting to the north of the Gap. By dawn of the second day the West German positions at Eben are in dire straights. Despite Effectively destroying 1st Guards Tank Regiment and causing serious losses on 2nd Guards Tanks, the pressure is too much. Follow-on forces have bypassed Eben even as 2/I. Panzer is nearly destroyed. The remainder of I. Panzer have formed a new line east of Stahlhammer. Fortunately the West Germans have managed to defeat the attack by 2nd Guards Airborne.

In the south daylight on Day Two finds the American 5th Division pushed back to the outskirts of Eisenbach. 1st Brigade is nearly destroyed after taking a toll on both 47th and 48th Guards Tank Regiments, but it looks like it won't be enough. 48th Guards Tank has crossed the river to come on Eisenbach from the rear while 2nd Brigade of the 5th Armored tries to hold the river line. 3rd Brigade is racing from the west to seal the breach.

In the center, a lone battalion of 2nd Brigade of the 5th Armored holds the river crossing against 164th Guards MRR. In savage night fighting this lone battalion stopped the attack, inflicting losses on three of the MRRs battalions.