Thursday, December 17, 2015

Battles of Normandy Released

John Tiller Software has released the next installment of their Panzer Battles series: Battles of Normandy.

Like the original game in the series this game is grand tactical. Hexes are 250m, units are companies and platoons. Where the first game covered the vicious Eastern Front fighting at Kursk, this one covers (obviously) the Allied invasion of Normandy. There are an absolute shedload of scenarios ranging from the landings through to the breakout.

I've just scratched the surface but it looks to be an excellent game. Dave Freer and crew have again come through with stunning documentation and notes. While the game system itself is the same as the original game, the very different mix of units and the Normandy terrain make for a very different feeling game. The Allied unit mix includes Americans, British, Canadians, Poles, and Free French!

Congratulations to the Panzer Battles team on releasing another meticulously researched and beautifully crafted game.