Saturday, September 19, 2015

NBS Battle of Montebello

Last week I picked up Marengo from MMP/The Gamers, part of their Napoleonic Battles System. This system is based off of the well-known Civil War Brigade System from MMP/The Gamers, with adaptations for Napoleonic warfare.

Montebello at 11AM, end of French turn

Before tearing into Marengo  itself I thought I'd give Montebello a try. This is a free game in the series intended to introduce the version 3.0 rules. The lower counter density seemed like an easier place to start.

Watrin's Division advances on Rivetta Gandolfi
I like what I'm seeing of NBS as a tactical system so far. I'm particularly impressed with the orders and command system. More as I have a chance to play.

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