Sunday, August 17, 2014

GenCon 2014

Anyone that knows me well will tell you that one thing I'm not fond of is large crowds of other humans. So it's a bit of a miracle that I've attended not just one, but two gaming conventions this year: Origins and GenCon.  Admittedly, GenCon is easy since its right here in Indianapolis, but it's also the larger by far of the two.

Unlike Origins I only spent a day at GenCon, but came away with several games and some pictures.

Come on in...

New Paradox Runemaster RPG - not yet released. Looked very cool though!

Sorry for the potato quality of these cell phone pics...

Columbia Games

Columbia's Richard III

Busy place, with lots of gaming demos going on

$20 for ASL Starter Kit #1 - I couldn't resist.

Lots of good stuff on sale by Cool Stuff Inc.

You could get lost in there...

There always has to be an Alien. Always.

Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Game

Saw these guys at Origins, too. I'd buy their stuff if I played more miniatures

I lust after one of these tables. I just don't want to take out a second mortgage to pay for one

Had a nice chat with the guys at Academy Games

A must-have if you're into Conflict of Heroes

I saw the prototype maps - stunning

Busy place! The exhibit halls were so packed it was hard to move around!

Another purchase. Hope to get this on the table and playing soon.
I had a good time wandering around and seeing the latest in gaming  - as well as enjoying all of the cosplayers. Its nice when two of the biggest gaming cons are right in your backyard!


  1. Nice. That ASL kit at $20 was quite a bargain!

    1. Hi JC! Yes, it certainly was. I'm not sure how far down the ASL rabbit hole I'm willing to go, but for $20 that couldn't be passed up.

      I also grabbed the re-issue of the good old Steve Jackson Games "Ogre" for the princely sum of $3.00

  2. Very cool Doug. That is an ASL bargain. Wow. I remember Ogre but never played it. I bet the Guadalcanal game is going to be great. I hope they expand there digitally also.