Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Video: Combat Engineers I - Arma 3

This weekend I finally managed to carve out some time to start playing Arma III. The upside is that this is a fantastic sim. The downside is that it's been so long since I played Arma II that I've forgotten almost everything.

What drew me in was JC's latest mission. I gave it a try last night. Note that this is my first time commanding any other troops in the game.

There's very little I did right here, though I did get close to the enemy and on a flank. A bit more learning and a conversation with JC to pick up some tips helped a lot in subsequent attempts! My biggest problems here was first, not knowing enough about controlling my squadmate, and so not putting him in a mode to really help me, and second, moving in the end into a far too exposed position. I have to remember that I'm not a tank.

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  1. I'm the same Doug i have had this since it was in beta and the gap between playing it from Arma 2 was and still is huge. I dip into the mission editor now and then and fly around in a chopper but nothing online or mission wise. Wish i had more time.

    It really is a beautiful looking game to play.