Wednesday, September 4, 2013

South Mountain and Antietam

I plan on visiting the South Mountain and Antietam battlefields next weekend.  Any grogs in the area interested in meeting up for lunch or drinks at some point, or maybe wandering one of the battlefields?


  1. Doug, I visited Antietam battlefield a few weeks ago. Took a 3-hour driving tour through all the spots. It was a great experience and shocking as well, as it was that small battlefield that claimed so many lives in a single day. Too bad my companions were not really into American Civil War or into military history at all. That's why, I had to visit all the spots in a total of 3 hours. I would love to spend more time on that battlefield. Maybe another time...

    I hope you enjoy your tour and hopefully come across a fellow wargamer to spend time with.


  2. I wish I'd known you were in the States, Fatih! I'm glad you made it to Antietam, if even for a briefer than desired visit. Have you ever been to Gettysburg or any of the other Civil War battlefields?

    I've been to Antietam before, but it's been several years ago. I've never been to South Mountain, but am looking forward to it. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Fox's and Turner's Gaps. In preparation I'm play a lot of Scourge of War and HPS's Campaign Antietam.

  3. Yes Doug I have visited Gettysburg the very same day I visited Antietam. (I was in Antietam in the morning and in Gettysburg in the afternoon.) Spent a bit more time in Gettysburg as it has much more stops in a larger area. I played Scourge of War a lot in the last few years and played Sid Meier's Gettysburg like crazy back in the day, so I weirdly felt very familiar with the landscape. All the vibe caused by the 150th anniversary made it a memorale visit. I didn't come across any activities and such(except some reenactors around Pennsylvania Monument) but still, I could feel it.

    I so wanted to make it to Manassas while I was in DC but alas... The National Mall, Smithsonian and Arlington National Cemetery sucked all my time. (Which was definitely worth it.)

  4. Hi Doug. Wish I still lived up there or I would join you. Enjoy your trips. Early fall is a good time to see each battlefield I bet, will add some melancholy to the experience which will fit the sites. Did not make it to South Mountain when I was there but Antietam is great.

  5. Sadly, my wife has a stress fracture in her ankle, and so we're going to put off our trip. Ah well, more time for gaming, I guess!