Sunday, November 25, 2012

Case White: September 1-2, 1939

Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkierg Warsaw to Paris 
I love the idea of this game, but I'm a bit daunted by the size of it.  Years ago I used to really enjoy playing with operational level games of this scale.  I even used to play them as board games.  I have to admit I struggle with having the attention span and dedication to handle these games these days.
Nonetheless, the panzers have crossed the Polish border tonight. I promised myself I'd start a multi-session play through of this weekend.  I'm going to document the game in the hopes I'll stick with it and see it through to the final turn. Here's a summation of the first two days of the campaign:
As you can see from the strategic map, the main attack by Army Group South in the vicinity of Breslau has driven across the border and started a push toward Lodz, and eventually Warsaw.  AGS will form the southern arm of a pincer movement to encircle and cut-off Poznan and any troops to the west of Warsaw.  Meanwhile, Army Group North is attacking east across the base of the Polish Corridor and south toward Warsaw, forming the northern arm of the encirclement.

In the south, 8th Army is poised to take Kalisch and secure the flank of the main effort by 10th Army.  10th Army is about to turn the flank of the Polish 30th Division, exploiting the gap between it and the Polish 10th Division.  10th Army will then drive across the Warta north of Dzialoszyn, take Piotrkow and advance on to Radom, to the south of Warsaw.  The 2nd and 3rd Light Divisions along with the 25th Panzer Regimant will move south of the Polish 30th Division, cross the Warta at Czestochowa and protect the southern flank of 10th Army.
14th Army will primarily demonstrate along the southwestern Polish border.  VII Corps is encountering fairly heavy resistance from several Polish divisions around Myslowice.  I intend to use XVII Corps to drive north through the Polish 21st Division to get in the rear of the defenders at Myslowice at Krakau.  Hopefully this will allow the mechanized divisions of VII Corps to punch through and seize Kielce in a couple of turns.

In the north, 4th Army spearheaded by Guderian's Panzer Divisions has smashed through the Polish 9th Division and driven nearly to Bromberg.  Once there, they will drive down the Vistula to seize Thorn. 2nd and 3rd Corps will advance southeast of the Panzer divisions to screen them from any forces moving east out of the Poznan salient.  XXI Corps has engaged the Polish 16th Division in front of Graudenz.  It should take the town next turn and link up with Guderian's advance, sealing off the southern end of the Polish Corridor from Poland proper.  Frontier and reserve units will drive east across the Corridor to link up with troops in East Prussia.  The bulk of 3rd Army will attempt to advance south toward Warsaw, assuming they can push trough or flank the fortifications at Mlowa.

To be continued...

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