Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

It's been a busy gaming weekend here so far.  I've played a few hours of Skyrim and finally started a new game of Sword of the Stars II now that Kerberos has given the all clear and the game is playable.  The Steam and Matrix/Slitherine sales have wormed their way into my wallet as well: yesterday saw me grab Elemental: Fallen EnchantressFleet Command, and a couple of Field of Glory modules I didn't have yet.

Fleet Command is a bit of a bugger on a modern gaming rig; it doesn't seem to care much for modern video drivers and can't run at very high resolutions.  Naval War: Arctic Circle has it all over FC  in that respect.  Unfortunately, the rest of the game doesn't measure up.  I'm debating picking up Harpoon to get my naval fix and just dealing with the interface and complexity.

With any luck, my copy of Decisive Action will show up today from HPS.  If so, I suspect I'll be engrossed in that.  Until then, I think it's some more Skyrim, perhaps some Fallen Enchantress, and probably starting a multi-session game of Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg From Warsaw to Paris.  I keep meaning to play the Polish campaign in the latter and never get started; this weekend seems a good time.  And of course, probably another 60 or so turns in SOTS2.